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Tangkoko National Park located in Batu Angus, Batu Putih, Bitung City in state province North Sulawesi.

The distance between the mountain and the sea is not so far away, with green views on the hills either side of the road reluctant to make eye blink.

Tangkoko Mountain stand tall 1.109 m  adjacent to Dua Saudara mountain that is in stratovolcano category with heights reaching 1.351 m.

Tangkoko National Park  diveded into 4 section:

1. Batuputih Nature Garden Tours =615 ha

2. Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Preserve  =3.196 ha

3. Dua Saudara Nature Preserve  =4.299 ha

4. Batuangus  Nature Garden Tours =635 ha

There are many species in here, there are at least 26 species of mamals wich 10 of them are sulawesi endemic, 180 species of birds wich 59 of them are sulawesi endemic and 5 are North Sulawesi endemic, 15 species of reptiles and 2 famous primate from sulawesi : Mocaca nigra or local called “Yaki” and the smallest primate Tarcius spectrum or locals called “Tarsius“.

Many travellers including scientist and researcher has come to this place and enjoying the natural rain forest.

So, what are you waiting for? come and visit Tangkoko you are well welcome here.